What is Zen?

December 11, 1999

There is only one person we must encounter during our life,
a person we must meet as if we were in passionate love.
Who is that person?
It is the essential Self, the True Self.
You must meet this person
And as long as you do not,
It will be impossible to truly be satisfied in your heart.
To meet your self is said to be the purpose of human life.
This is also the objective of Buddhism.
The shortest, most concrete way to do this is Zen.

Why is it that people worry and suffer?
Why is it that people seek for peace of mind and satori?
It is all because of the activity of ego-self created opinions.
Shakyamuni Buddha was the first human being
to realize that obstacles to the Way of reaching True Awakening
are ego-self created opinions.
By truly being one with these delusive ego-self created opinions,
he realized No Self.

What is Zen?
It is to live your everyday life accepting all facets of reality
without mixing in ego-self created opinions.

What is reality?
Understanding, not understanding, unclear, ambiguous:
These are all your reality.
Other than your own reality,
There is nothing else to seek.

What is anger? What is ignorance? What is greed?
It is to Thoroughly and without resistance accept these things as they are.

Zen refers to our life and reality itself.
It is to be one with anxiety as it is or haste as it is
without seeking for peace of mind or a quiet condition.
Without thinking on your own that:
"Anger is mistaken and happiness is correct"
Sadness is bad and comfort is good",
the practice of quietly making reality your own
is the practice of Zen.

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