Blue Monday

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I’m very moody this evening. Michele and I had a fantastic weekend but the reality that is Monday has struck once again. I wish I could say that I’m happy everyday, but I’m not. I’m human and sometimes I’m down.

I know that we are all creatures of balance. When our balance is out of true, our emotions follow. Lately I have been struggling with my physical self. My mental image of my physical reality and me are different. As I approach my 40th birthday it is increasingly hard to ignore the physical reality. So I am physically out of balance.

Work is great these days. I am faced with new challenges and I am growing to meet them. Intellectually I am pleased with my self. The balance here shifts quite rapidly but on the whole I think I am well centered in my intellect.

For the past several years I have been searching for spiritual understanding. I have discovered a joy and satisfaction in expressing my spirit openly. Together with Michele I have explored and learned and grown. However we are both feeling the constraints of just two in our quest. It is time to open up to others and expand our journey. Without exposing our spiritual sides we cannot continue to grow. So there is imbalance here too.

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