What do I Like?

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I have a collection of MP3 music on the PC I use at work. Most days I spend some time under my headphones listening to the music I like.

Only is it really the music I like?

Sometimes I find myself listening to things that I believe I like and I wonder, ‘do I like this because it does something for me or because the masses like it and I want to be like them?’

Wow. That’s pretty heady. More than music, do I like anything from my self, or is it all the result of wanting to be like everyone else? Eeeeuuuu. If I like things just to be like everyone else then am I really an individual at all? Or am I just a mirror of the fads, tastes, likes and dislikes of my generation?

I guess I am really starting to closely examine my motives for almost everything I say, do or think. What really makes me tick? Why am I me and not someone else?

What do you like?

Oh yeah?

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