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I have a web counter on the main page of my site. It tracks visits to the site and I get a weekly report telling how many people came by. There has been a steady increase in the number over the past year. Two weeks ago I had 18 visits. This past week is was 27. Wow. This is amazing to me. I like that people are reading my thoughts, and perhaps coming back to read more. It is also sobering in a way. If I go a few days without adding something to the site I feel like people will stop coming. A two-edged sword as it were.

To all of you who are, dare I say it, regulars, I thank you.

Speaking of the web counter, I just switched to a new service. The old one just went from free to costing a nominal annual fee. The new counter is a little more ostentatious than I would prefer, but not too bad.

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