Palm Portable Keyboard

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I am typing this on my new Palm Portable keyboard. This folding device requires no power, no cabling, and very little space. My m515 plugs in quickly and easily and I am able to capture my thoughts at a moments notice.

It is most excellent. My hope is that this will help keep the content here fresh and lively. So many times in the past I have had thoughts that I wanted to capture, but writing them down wasn’t convenient. Not any more.

Some times you just gotta love technology.

Of course the flip side to this is the frustration when technology doesn’t work or breaks. The cradle for my Palm stopped working after only a couple weeks. I was forced to go by and new serial cradle and install it. That process was hampered by some incorrect settings on the desktop component of the software. Still, I’d rather have the technology and struggle with it occasionally, than not have it at all.

Call me a geek.

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