The Waiting Game

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My brother and I have a strained relationship at best. He and his family do a lot with my parents without ever inviting my wife and I to attend. on the surface this may seem like a small thing, but in actuality it is getting to be a bigger issue. most recently they setup a day with my Mom for Mother’s Day and didn’t invite us to attend. Prior to that they ignored my 41st birthday altogether.

The telling event in this non-relationship is coming in June. Chris and Lisa are expecting the second child of their marriage and the 5th of their combined family. We were not invited to the shower (we were for the first baby of this marriage) and we haven’t gotten any “baby updates.” Granted we aren’t calling them, but at this point I am tired of always being the one who puts aside his feelings and needs and acquiesces to the needs of my brother.

A relationship is supposed to work both ways ~ I give sometimes and you give sometimes. If one side is always giving and never getting then it isn’t a relationship as much as it is painful.

Right now this is painful. If we don’t get a call/letter/e-mail directly from them about the birth of the new baby then I will know for certain where he puts this relationship and how he values it.

Stay tuned…

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