5am Salmon

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We have two house cats, Abby and Nekko. Some time ago we started giving them a small portion of canned salon each day to augment their dry food diet. Needless to say, the fish is a big hit.

Originally the salmon was put down around noon. Over time however the two of them have learned that pestering the staff (me and my wife) will get them their salmon fix earlier in the day.

How early? Try 5:15 am today. Abby comes in and stands on me, scolding me with her piteous cries and whapping any exposed part of my face and head with her paw. She is relentless as only a properly spoiled house cat can be.

I know that I am bigger, stronger, and I that have an opposable thumb; still I am at the beck and paw of this little 8 pound bundle of fur and attitude.

Four years of college, 20 years of work experience, head of my own company, and house-boy to two cats.

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