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I am sitting in carousel at the local Audi dealer writing for my car to complete its 15K service visit.

I use the term service euphemistically as this is not pleasant.

There are two places to sit here ~ in the room with the TV or in the room with the loud obnoxious music on. Furthermore, when I arrived here I was lectured by the twerp doing my vehicle check in.

When I bought the car I was told it had a service indication system that would notify me when it required service. So I waited until the computer display in the car said it was less than 500 miles from its next service point to bring the car in. The service receptionist chastised me because I hadn’t brought the car in for its 10K checkup. WHen I explained that the display hadn’t come on he said to ignore the display and bring the car in every 10K regardless.

Why put a system into car if you aren’t going to use it? This makes no sense to me at all. I can imagine that there was considerable time, money and effort put into the development and deployment of the diagnostic system in my Audi TT. Imagine the chagrin at Audi HQ if they knew a $7.50/hour high school graduate was circumventing the whole system.

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