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We had a fabulous weekend. Friday evening we had pizza from Papa Murphy’s ~ they build it and you bake it. This way it is hot and fresh no matter what. Plus their pizza is good.

Saturday we had lunch with my mom, a belated mother’s day lunch. It was most enjoyable: good food, good company, and a pleasant visit. That evening we decided to take in a movie. We rarely go to the movies on a weekend night as that is when everyone goes and it is just too much hassle. However, we wanted to see Gosford Park, which was playing at the local second run theater. So we went and had a wonderful time. Excellent movie.

Sunday we had a lazy morning followed by a lunch out at Lone Star. We hadn’t been there for a while so it was very good. In the afternoon I went to see Spider-man. It was good, predictable in all aspects; the action scenes were well done. I must admit that I thought the Gobblin’s mask could have been much better.

After getting home I cleaned the pool and we had a two hour swim. The air temperature was only 65 or so, but the water was a comfortable 88~90 degrees. Michele must have gotten chilled towards the end as she became hypothermic almost immediately upon getting out. She has had trouble with this several times now that she is entering menopause. She was still cold and feeling puny when we went to bed several hours later. We are going to have to be more careful about swimming when there is that big a difference between the air and water temperatures.

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