Simple Minded

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I have lunch a couple times a week at a local chili diner. The chili is simple and hot, the service quick, and the atmosphere pleasant.

There’s only one problem with this place. Once a week or so the server, dishing up your bowl of chili, is a woman who can’t get it right. I like my chili spicy, with extra meat and no beans. She only ever gets 1/3 of the order right. Not spicy, but no beans and extra meat. Or spicy, no extra meat and no beans. Or spicy with beans. Phooey.

It is so frustrating. How hard is this? I should say something to the owner, but I am reluctant to cause trouble.

I guess as a society we are raised to put up with near misses rather than ask for specifics. I know that we are all human and that we all make mistakes, but I think a systematic acceptance of less than leads to bigger problems. We are all capable of getting it right, if only we try.

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