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Yesterday my wife and I went to see MIB II at the local multiplex theater. We find going to the movies harder and harder to do for several reasons. The audiences are ruder than ever before. People use their cell phone repeated during the movie, kids are running up and down the aisles, and it’s expensive. By the time the two of us get tickets and some popcorn and a drink, we’ve spent upwards of $25. To sit and be annoyed by the people around us who obviously had $25 to waste and could care less about the show.

For once, yesterday was different. At show-time we were alone in the theater. Hubba hubba. I thought for a moment that we would have that rarest of movie going experiences ~ a private showing. Sadly this was not to be; during the 15 minutes of trailers and commercials a couple and a single man wandered in and sat down. At least they were there to see the movie and were far enough away from us that we didn’t notice them at all during the show.

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