Amazing Weekend

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It was an amazing weekend. Both Thursday and Friday evenings my wife and I had long, deep discussions about some issues that had started to build between us. We both work hard at airing out the little petty things before they become bigger, uglier issues that are impossible to deal with.

I am depressive and tend to take on more than I should as a result. I keep things in that should be said and I over react to little things making it hard to resolve issues. My wife has some fear of abandonment issues that get tweaked when I stop communicating openly with her. If only one of us is feeling out of control and responding from our negative side the other can usually provide enough support to create a safe place to fall, allowing the underlying issue to be expressed and resolved. However, when we both are feeling out of control life gets, um, interesting. Both Thursday and Friday evening we sat and talked for a long time about little things and big things. Tears were shed and hotter emotions given a place to cool. We started to come back to ourselves after about 6-weeks of gradually becoming more and more isolated. It felt good to reconnect to my best friend.

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