100 Things About Me

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001 ~ My favorite dessert is New York style cheese cake 002 ~ I like that I am getting white hairs 003 ~ I am afraid of open closet doors in the dark 004 ~ I dislike people who are overly familiar 005 ~ I am fascinated by patterns that repeat or are palindromes 006 ~ I believe in reincarnation 007 ~ I like technology better than most people 008 ~ I understand the difference between masculine and macho 009 ~ I am masculine

010 ~ I am a sucker for come-from-behind-against-all-odds stories 011 ~ I love the feeling of driving fast at night on a dark road 012 ~ I love baking cakes and breads 013 ~ I hate people who don’t listen to what is being said 014 ~ I used to be outwardly stubborn, now I am inwardly determined 015 ~ My favorite color is red 016 ~ I like being in my forties 017 ~ I find making a list like this one difficult 018 ~ I am comfortable being alone, but I do not like being lonely 019 ~ I believe I have an ancient soul

020 ~ I want to be remembered as a gentleman, husband, and true friend 021 ~ I believe in living for today 022 ~ I am endlessly fascinated by observing people 023 ~ I will leave this lifetime on my own terms in my own way 024 ~ My middle name is ‘Hanford’ after my great-grandfather George Hanford 025 ~ I got my college degree 13 years after completing college 026 ~ My greatest fear is losing my mind/identity 027 ~ I am proudest of my relationship with my wife 028 ~ I like James Bond movies, but only with Sean Connery 029 ~ I had a crush on my 8th grade mathematics teacher, Mrs. Johnson

030 ~ I never had a date in high school or college 031 ~ I think the Survivor television series is the best television ever 032 ~ I have always wanted to sail around the world 033 ~ The most profound book I ever read was ‘Illusions’ by Richard Bach 034 ~ I don’t understand people who think hunting is a ‘sport’ 035 ~ I believe we are wrong for not giving boys the chance to be emotional 036 ~ I believe in evolution 037 ~ I believe in karma 038 ~ I believe the new millennium started on 1.1.2001, not 1.1.2000 039 ~ I think a woman without makeup is far prettier than one who has to hide her features

040 ~ I am unhappy with my body 041 ~ I never thought I would be happily married 042 ~ I am the 13th and final generation of my family in this country 042 ~ I have ADD and some OCD 043 ~ I don’t believe it when people tell me I am good 044 ~ I have never gotten over my sister’s death 045 ~ Hearing ‘Amazing Grace’ on bagpipes always makes me cry 046 ~ I have been to all 50 states except Alabama 047 ~ I believe you should give money to homeless people 048 ~ My favorite food is chili 049 ~ I like cats better than dogs

050 ~ I like to sneeze loudly just because I can 051 ~ I have an ornery streak that I don’t indulge 052 ~ I think the world would be a better place if we all did what made us happy 053 ~ I like the feeling of being awake late at night when my wife is asleep 054 ~ I like the smell of fresh asphalt 055 ~ My favorite season is autumn 056 ~ I have always wanted to be able to play the cello 057 ~ I love thunderstorms 058 ~ As a child I thought the radio station could tell when I turned my radio on 059 ~ I have always wanted to learn to fly

060 ~ I hate it when people tell me to do something because it’ll be good for me 061 ~ I have a Shotski’s ring 062 ~ I got my ear pierced because I like the way it looks 063 ~ I love long hot showers or baths 064 ~ I can juggle 065 ~ I have skydived. Once. 066 ~ I once drove my motorcycle 135 miles per hour 067 ~ I love cold weather because I like wearing oversized warm clothes 068 ~ I used to be embarrassed by my quality of life 069 ~ I am glad that I peaked in my forties and not my teens

070 ~ I find people who talk about other people, tedious 071 ~ I hate call waiting 072 ~ I once held a second degree black belt in karate 073 ~ I am fascinated by all the wild animals that live among us 074 ~ I can pick things up with my feet 075 ~ I love roller coasters 076 ~ I think puns are the best kind of joke 077 ~ I love to read 078 ~ I love going to movies 079 ~ I am afraid of crawl-spaces

080 ~ ‘The Exorcist’ was the scariest movie I ever saw 081 ~ I think governments spend too much money on technology and war, and not enough on people 082 ~ I love to have my calves scratched after wearing socks all day 083 ~ I love veal 084 ~ I loved living in the Pacific Northwest better than anywhere else I’ve lived 085 ~ I believe that dolphins and whales are at least as intelligent as humans. Maybe more so 086 ~ I don’t like dogmatic religion 087 ~ I think all history is revisionist 088 ~ I like snow 089 ~ My favorite flavor is grape

090 ~ I don’t care what people think of me 091 ~ I think selfishness is a good thing 092 ~ I like who I am 093 ~ I like 4th of July Fireworks 094 ~ Golden Cadillac’s are my favorite after dinner drink 095 ~ I am not afraid of heights, nor do I suffer from motion sickness of any kind 096 ~ I believe the mind is infinite in capacity 097 ~ I think emotional balance, and a full range of emotional expression is key to good health 098 ~ I think people are their names 099 ~ I make instant judgments on people and rarely change them

100 ~ I like being self-reflective

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