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For some time now I have lusted for an Apple Powerbook G4. Even though I am a die-hard PC user I can’t get the form and function of this laptop out of my mind. I’ve gone to the local Apple store and touched one. This only made my desire stronger. The switch commercials on TV haven’t helped either.

Tonight on Amazon Auctions there is a G4 for sale. 800 MHz, 1 GB memory, 60 GB HDD, and so on. There is no reserve and the take-it-now price is only $1100. This baby sells for $3900 from Apple.

Is this one hell of a deal, or my dad’s warning that you don’t get something for nothing coming true. I haven’t pulled buy it now trigger, but I have bid up tp $425. The protection plan that Amazon has will cover this amount and more if I use their Amazon Payments option. So basically I am covered.

And if I have it for a couple of weeks and don’t like it, I can always sell it very slightly used on Amazon and recoup my outlay.

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