Windows XP Professional

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I just upgraded my home PC from Windows 2000 to Windows XP Professional. From start to finish less than 70 minutes. This was by far the easiest Windows install I have ever done, and I have done more than a few.

My initial PC OS was IBM’s OS 2 version 2.1. We were using at work and I wanted the same thing at home. After Warp came out I upgraded to it and continued to use OS 2 for a time. Eventually I migrated to Windows 3.11 as I was tired of all my Windows applications not working under OS 2.

From Windows 3.11 I moved onto Windows 95, then 98, and eventually Windows 2000 Professional. Along the way I have also experimented with BeOS, QNX, and Linux.

My dream is to rid myself of Windows entirely and move to Mac OS X. However, that will require getting a Macintosh. The Mac of my dreams is a Powerbook G4 which is pricey to say the least. So for now I’ll make due with XP.

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