The Perfect Meal

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We had the perfect meal this evening. A wonderful roast, prepared with carrots, peppers, garlic, red potatoes, and pearl onions. The roast was wonderfully seasoned, moist and flavorful. For dessert there was vanilla ice cream and strawberries with whipped cream.

What made this meal so wonderful, so special was how and why it came about. For several years now Michele has been afflicted with a long term illness that at times has left her incapacitated. A trip to the store was an arduous ordeal. However in recent weeks she has started to feel much better and has far more stamina and energy.

Today she ventured forth to the store on her own. She shopped and brought home everything she needed to prepare our meal. She did all the prep work, cooking and clean up. I am so proud of her courage, her strength and her belief in herself.

Every bite of the meal was fantastic because it was filled with love and it was the result of her unflagging determination to overcome and grow.

I am very proud of my beautiful, courageous, awesome, spunky partner, friend, lover, and wife.

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