Bowling For Columbine

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Yesterday, Michele and I went to see this movie by Michael Moore. You may or may not remember him from the movie “Roger and Me” about the gutting of Flint Michigan by General Motors; or from his television show called “The Awful Truth.”

His documentaries have a decided viewpoint and agenda, and, whether you agree with his stance or not, they are compelling, provocative films.

In ‘Bowling" he tackles the thorny problem of guns and violence in America. This movie should be required watching in every high school and home across America. Whether you agree with his viewpoint or not, you need to see a different viewpoint than the one mainstream-corporate-bottom-dollar America wants you to see.

In Canada, a country with 30 million people, 10 million homes, and at least 7 million guns, there were less than 300 gun-related deaths last year. In this country we had over 11,000. The difference? Their news isn’t creating a climate of fear. America is living scared and in fear, and we are paying the penalty daily. The news is filled with death and mayhem. The gun, alarm, and home safety corporations don’t want you to feel safe because they can’t make money if you aren’t terrified.

Take a couple of hours and go see “Bowling for Columbine.” Think about where this country is headed and ask yourself if you want to live in the most fearful country on the planet.

I sure don’t.

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