Home Again

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Michele and I are finally home from our 10 day Hawaii Cruise Adventure. We had a fantastic vacation. Being able to spend hour after hour with my Love, uninterrupted phones, computers, TVs, etc., was wonderful. We connected at a very deep and real level.

Parts of the actual trip were less than what we had hoped for. Norwegian has changed their approach to cruising to a relaxed style they call “Freestyle Cruising.” Basically this means a budget minded approach to everything, including the food.

Combined with equipment failures that forced the cancellation of the Maui stop altogether, this new style of cruising was not popular with any of the other passengers we talked with while on board. We will not be cruising with Norwegian again.

The flight ordeal to get home has left me fuzzy headed and dopey. I’ll write more once I figure out who I am and what time it is… lets see 2:10 pm here is only 10:10 am there, but I’ve been up since 6 am yesterday their time so it’s really much too long since I’ve slept.

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