New Math

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Conversation at the cafeteria check out this morning:

Me: Two sausage and three bacon Cashier: $5.20 Me: Say what?! Cashier: The prices went up, bacon and sausage is now $0.50 each. Me: So…. Cashier: So it’s $5.20 Me: I don’t think so. 5 times $0.50 equals $2.50. Cashier: But the machines says $5.20 Me: Then the machine is wrong. Cashier: 2 sasuage… Me: …is a dollar Cashier: and 3 bacon… Me: … is another dollar fifty for a total sans tax of $2.50. Cashier: Oh… I did it wrong Me: (inside my head) No shit. Cashier: (after void and subtracting for a minute or so) $2.25. Me: Thank you!

Gotta love people who can’t add.

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