iSync, Proteus, and Safari

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In switching to Apple, and Mac OS X, I have been introduced to several new software applications that I like and use frequently. Being a software developer by trade I understand that it is impossible to produce software that is all things to all people. Still, there are features that I’d like to see added to some of my new favorites.

iSync This gem is from Apple and allows me to synchronize my Palm m515 with the calendar (iCal) and address book (Address Book) included with Mac OS X. It works very well except for one annoying detail: lack of support for multiple addresses. The Address Book in Jaguar allows me to store multiple addresses for a contact. However, the Palm address list only stores a single address per contact. I would like to see a change made to iSync Conduit to allow me to configure which address is transferred during a synchronization. Better, it would be nice to have the option to create multiple address entries in my Palm from one address entry in Jaguar. A contact for whom I have work and home address information would be one card in my Address Book and two cards in my Palm.

Proteus This multiple protocol chat client is very nice. I am used to Trillian on Windows platforms and I very much like this equivalent on the Mac. However, it doesn’t work when I am at work and connected through a proxy. I understand from reading the support forums on the Proteus web site that this is not as easy to implement as one might suspect. However it sounds like a feature that will be included in a future release of Proteus. Until then I can limp along with the native AOL and MSN Messenger clients.

Safari This is a wonderful browser, Apple has hit a home run as far as I am concerned. I know that most people are clamoring for tabbed browsing, but since I am migrating from Windows IE and therefore never had tabs before, it isn’t a major concern with me. What I am concerned about is the manner bookmarks are accessed. Having to open a book mark viewer and then double click on the reference I want is about 2 clicks to many. How about a drawer so I can see my bookmark list and single click the page I want?

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