Fictitious Times

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At the 75th Academy Awards last night, the Oscar for Best Documentary feature went to Michael Moore for his critical anti-gun documentary Bowling for Columbine. The outspoken moviemaker invited his fellow nominees in the non-fiction category with him on stage and then both roused and infuriated the audience with an impassioned speech.

“They’re here in solidarity with me because we like non-fiction. We like non-fiction and we live in fictitious times. We live in a time with fictitious election results that elect a fictitious president. We live in a time when we have a man sending us to war for fictitious reasons. Whether it is the fiction of duct tape or the fiction of orange alerts, we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Shame on you, Mr. Bush! Shame on you! You’re time is up.”

I am proud to say I saw this movie; it is completely deserving of the Oscar awarded last evening. Furthermore, I am proud that there are still people in this country who will stand up and say what they feel. America is nothing if we cannot have openly expressed opinions, for or against the issue of the day.

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