A New Cat, Perhaps?

March 29, 2003

Michele and I spent some time today looking at potential new cats for our household. We both, almost simultaneously, discovered an ad in the online copy of the local paper stating that Petsmart had cats for $25. These animals have been rescued and fostered back to good health and humor by volunteers and are now ready for adoption.

While most of the ones there today were male, we did see one female calico that was adorable. With big yellow eyes and a very gregarious personality, Dinkus was hard not to take home immediately. However we are still getting over Abby and discovered that maybe we weren’t ready for a new cat just yet.

After leaving the store we followed up on another ad in the paper; this time for Siamese kittens. These little balls of fluff are only 6-weeks old and were precious. However, we both had a slightly unsettled feeling while at the private home selling them. After our experience with trying a puppy last year, we are not about to get an animal from a place we aren’t comfortable.

On the ride home we talked about it and came to the conclusion that we aren’t ready yet to bring a new cat into our lives. Nekko is adjusting to being the only cat with no outward signs of distress, and we are also getting used to having just one cat reminding us of our station in life.

So, for now, it’s just me, Michele, and Nekko.

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Mark H. Nichols

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