The Perfect Weekend

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Michele and I have had the perfect weekend. After my long night Friday I slept in Saturday. Once I was up and about we decided to clean out our junk bedroom. Now that we are using his and her Macintoshes as our main computers we have two spare Window machines. By cleaning out this room we were able to setup a desk with a 19 inch monitor, keyboard and mouse. I’ve got a KVM switch, so both Windows boxes are plugged in and ready for use. There’s a TV and VCR there too. All I need to do is visit the crawl space and activate that cable port and we are in business.

Today we had a wonderful brunch at O’Charlie’s followed by visits to three furniture stores in search of a chaise lounge chair. We saw a couple we liked, but didn’t place and order yet. The sales woman at Lazy Boy was trying to help about 3 couples at once and we gave up before she got to us in the rotation.

This evening we grilled out burgers and hot dogs for the first time since last summer. We also had left over mac-n-cheese and some sweet corn. It was a fabulous dinner.

It is weekends like this that remind you why you work.

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