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During the past year or so I have focused a lot of time and energy into this site, which reflects events and thoughts that I have as an individual. However, there is a professional side to me and it is with pleasure that I direct your attention to the newly revamped Partition Software site.

The original Partition Software site has languished for too long with out being updated. Created at a time when I was learning DHTML, it made use of a fancy cascading menu, that unfortunately only worked when viewed thru Windows IE. And then only sometimes.

I am pleased with the lightness and simplicity of the new site layout. It satisfies my needs as a professional geek hoping to attract gainful attention. And it pleases my individual creativeness need.

Update (5.9.2003 @ 9:59 a) Currently the site is unavailable as it seems I pulled the plug on my former hosting location too soon. The whois registry shows the new DNS information, but it hasn’t trickled out to all the local servers yet.

Update (5.9.2003 @ 8:50 p) It looks like the DNS changes have finally filtered down to the local level. I’m able to view the site again. And my POP3 accounts are working.

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