June 04, 2003

We have a new cat in our household. Her name is Dinkus. She’s a 3-month old black-on-white tabby with a pink nose. We brought her home from the Animal Protective League shelter yesterday afternoon. Going from a smallish 4 foot cage there to our 1800 square foot house filled her with energy. She spent much of the evening racing about in her new space.

Our other cat, Nekko, is less than amused at this new intruder. Their initial meeting was accompanied by hissing and spiting. Seeing as how Nekko is all of 16 pounds, and Dinkus is a mere pound or so, it hardly seemed fair to leave the two of them to themselves over night. However, we know from past experience that there is little we can do to ease their introduction to each other.

Unlike Nekko, Dinkus spent her first night elsewhere in the house. Nekko scaled the side of the bed and spent her first night climbing back and forth on top of Michele and I. Given that she had needle sharp front claws then this made for a painful night. As Dinkus still had her front claws yesterday we were grateful to not have her in the bed with us all night.

She is at the vet today getting her ears cleaned and her front claws removed. We get to bring her home for good tomorrow. I’ve got some digital pictures that I’ll try and post soon.

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