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We have completed the initial steps in our financial plan. The old cars have been traded-in, and the new (to us anyway) car is in our possession. Our trip to the mortgage company went smoothly and we are on schedule for a closing in another 4 weeks. Finally, over the weekend we completed the paperwork for our offer in compromise to the IRS, and I mailed that package on Monday.

Now we have to sit back and wait. Wait for the mortgage company, and wait for the IRS response. This is the time when self-doubt and fear starts to creep in to my thoughts. Did I fill out the compromise form properly? Will they accept it for review, and once past that hurdle, will they grant it? We should know if they will consider it within a week or so. But it could be months before they grant or reject it.

I feel better for having been proactive and taken steps to clear up our finances. And even the hurry up and wait phase we are in now is better than the gloom and doom place we were before. Still I wish it was all resolved and we could close this chapter of our lives and move on to the next.

My employment continues to be dicey, and we still don’t know for certain if we’ll be staying here or moving on in October. I have had a series of interviews with a small company in Milwaukee that have gone extremely well. I think I will have a job offer from them soon after a still to be scheduled face-to-face meeting. That will be a tough decision to make; do I take a job offer to insure a better long term income forecast? Or do I avoid the whole trauma of having to move and stick it out here hoping that saner minds will prevail and I’ll get a new contract.

I just don’t know.

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