Leaky Technology

August 25, 2003

About 2 weeks ago our cleaning lady noticed that the throw rug in front of the kitchen sink was soaking wet. We couldn’t imagine how it had gotten this way, unless we had spilled water on it without realizing our clumsiness.

And we have noticed that from time to time that our new kitten, Taz, shows up in the early morning hours with damp paws. We know she is fascinated by water, and that she freely ventures into the still dripping shower after it has been used. I guess we though she was playing in the toilet bowl during the night. Where else would she get wet paws?

From the leaking dishwasher, that’s where. Usually we use the time-delay feature on our dishwasher and run it over night. Yesterday morning, however, it was full and we ran it during the day. Afterwards I happened to notice a rather sizable puddle of water on the floor directly in front of the appliance when it was in the dry cycle. Suddenly the wet throw rug, and mysteriously damp paws had been explained.

Sears is on the way.

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Mark H. Nichols

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