Camino Revisited

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A few weeks ago my wife’s copy of Camino became unstable and she was forced to use Mozilla Firebird instead. About two weeks ago I tackled this problem one more time. I stumbled across instructions on the Camino web site detailing how to remove Camino entirely from your hard drive. They are as follows:

Uninstall( hidden just above the documentation link ) To get rid of all the files that Camino created, do the following: ( a ) Drag the Camino icon to the trash ( b ) Drag the /Library/Application Support/Chimera folder to the trash

Since we already had exported her bookmarks I deleted the files in question.

Then, I downloaded version 0.7 (still the current version) and installed it. Everything works fine once again.

Hopefully someday soon we’ll see a 0.8, or 0.9 release and then a 1.0 version of this fine browser.

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