Where Are We Going?

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Michele and I had a excellent discussion this evening. It started out being about our upcoming mortgage refinance. Both of us are feeling a little apprehensive about this and we needed to air out our feelings. This is only the third mortgage process we have been through.

Buying groceries happens every week so we are comfortable with the process. Buying a car is something we have done more than a couple of times, so we feel fairly secure in that situation as well. Buying, or refinancing, a house is not an everyday occurrence. We both feel a bit out of our depth. Talking about things that have a horizon that extends out 30 years forced us to consider our future.

Where are going? What do we want when we get there? Originally when we moved here our plan was to stay roughly 6 to 9 years. Preparing to refinance the house has made us question our plans. It helped me to refocus on what I want out of my life.

I want to be able to live in mild comfort, and share the remainder of my days with Michele. Where that happens is less important than its happening. Seen in the light of this goal, the stress of refinancing for some temporary financial relief seems less something to get excited about and more something to just move past.

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