September 25, 2003

Okay. I order a lot of stuff online. Books, DVDs, software, linens, you-name-it. No lines, shop when I want, wonderful convenience. That is until some pez-head company finds a way to make this process fail.

One month ago I ordered a keyboard skin for my wife’s iMac. We still don’t have it. After lunch today I called the company and asked if they could track my purchase down for me. It seems it was “shipped” within days of my order. Further discussion uncovered the fact that a signature was required for delivery.

When I asked why, the customer service representative said “to ensure that our customers get their products.” I asked her if I had my package she said, “No.” Hrm.

Guess your plan to ensure that I got my package failed then, huh?

I have to send the company (iSkin) an e-mail requesting that I be allowed to leave a letter to the delivery person indicating that the package can be left without a signature. Give me a break!

The kicker in all of this is that my wife works out of the house… if the delivery person rang the bell or knocked she’d have gotten the package. I suspect that they drove by, and assumed no one was home, and returned the package as not signed for.

It just shouldn’t be this hard to get a $24 piece of moulded plastic mailed to your house. Believe me I’ve had far more expensive and valuable things delivered with no signature woes.

How pez-headed.

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Mark H. Nichols

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