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O’Reilly is running an article about the contents of various peoples docks. Being a switcher from Windows I tend to think of the dock as a the task bar. I keep my most frequently used applications and folders there, and in order from most used to least, left to right. I have slight magnification and bounce turned on, and the dock is at the bottom of the screen.

Here then is my dock and its contents:

{{ $image := .ResourceGetMatch “mydock.png” }}

Finder, Safari, iTunes, Mail, iCal, NetNewsWire, Proteus, iChat AV, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Calculator, Comictastic, Sherlock, Address Book, System Preferences, Terminal, BBEdit, Transmit, CSSEdit, Word, Excel, Mozilla Firebird, Camino, Enigmo, DropZip, iPulse, harddrive, Home folder, Applications folder, TitanTV shortcut, MT Blog Entry shortcut, and the Trash can.


I have Proteus, and the 4 native chat clients as I am unable to use Proteus behind my client’s proxy server. Hopefully someday I’ll be able to eliminate the 4 native clients from my dock and use just one application for chatting.

Update: (10.10.2003) All the attention towards the dock got me thinking about the menu bar. In addition to all the goodies I access from my dock I have a dozen or so icons in the menu bar that keep me informed and give me access to other applications. So I started a thread on my site about menu bars.

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