October 06, 2003

Last Thursday evening we went to see Eddie Izzard in his new show “Sexie.” In a word it was fantastic. Michele discovered him several years ago through his HBO special, “Dress to Kill.” Since that time we have collected all of his available videos and he has become our favorite comedian.

We always said that, if he ever played anywhere near us, that we go no matter what the cost. When we discovered that he would be in Chicago, less than 4 hours drive away, we immediately got tickets.

His new show was brilliant and devastatingly funny. I haven’t laughed so hard and so long in my life. Ranging from fake breasts to a ban on assault weapons, with a screamingly funny encore about riding horses in movies, his material was superb.

And judging by the audience there are a lot of devout Eddie fans here in the US. Never before at a comedy concert have I heard a deafening roar of approval when the comedian walked on stage like I heard Thursday evening. It was like the opening of a rock concert.

We can’t wait for the video release of this show.

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Mark H. Nichols

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