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Last week’s Dock meme, started by this O’Reilly story and given legs by this Kottke posting was neatly summarized by this Gruber bit. I indeed found some new applications and have started using Launch Bar as a result. I also added several new blogs to my daily read list.

I got to wondering what people have in their menu bar. I find that I have two sets of applications, those that have good menu bar access and those that work better from the Dock. The image below is my menu bar.

{{ $image := .ResourceGetMatch “menubar_items.png” }}

from left to right: Tiger Launch, Location X, CodeTek Virtual Desktop, Konfabulator, AppleScript, iChat AV status (or Proteus when it is running), Keychain access, sound control, display control, charge indicator, iSync, clock, and Launch Bar.

Between the menu bar and the Dock I have immediate access to 40 applications. Maybe I need a life beyond computers…. nah.

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