September Spam

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I finally got around to deleting the accumulated spam from September, a mere 5009 messages this time around. This brings my annual total up to 52,711 spams.

My averages are now 5,856 per month and 193 per day. I expect to get just over 70,000 for the year now.

I’ve been reading a lot of good things about C-Command’s SpamSieve . The latest release works with Apple’s, but only if you are using IMAP. Currently I am using POP3. I am thinking about researching IMAP servers for OS X once Panther is released. If I could run my own IMAP server at home, then I could set my Mail client up for IMAP and only see the messages I wanted.

I’m also considering getting an IMAP server for Linux and adding it to the Linux box I am planning on setting up this fall. Having there would allow my wife to convert her e-mail protocol as well, and neither of us would have an IMAP server running on our daily use machines. Of course this requires that I get off my duff and setup the Linux machine. Which means stringing CAT-5 through the crawl space, or buying wireless router and a PCI-wireless card for the Linux machine.

Or I could just vegetable out on the couch and watch Survivor.

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