Saturday and Sunday

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Saturday was spent running around doing little errands and visiting family. In the morning we went to an interior design shop looking for ideas and estimates on reupholstering a large overstuffed chair to use in our bedroom. Originally the chair was taupe colored and our room is soft pastels. The estimate for the chair alone was as much as it had cost new 2 years ago. By the time we thru in some shams for the bed and a small table cloth for an accent table in the room we were up over 2 grand.

After a wonderful soup and sandwich lunch we crashed at home for a couple of hours before going to see my parents. My father had some computer related questions concerning the use of Windows XP Professional on his new laptop. After playing consultant-to-the-family for an hour or so, we had dinner with them at a chinese restaurant.

By 8:30, when we got home we were both wiped out. In the middle of the night Michele woke up having bad dreams; when I asked her what was scaring her she said we had spent too much money on “that”, waving in the general direction of the chair. I said we hadn’t spent any money yet as I hadn’t dropped off the deposit yet. We agreed not to.

On Sunday she had no recollection of our 2 am conversation, but was still upset about spending so much money “just to reupholster a chair.” After talking it out we both felt it would be money better spent if we started on another room. The master bedroom and bath are in wonderful shape now, but the living room needs some help.

I baked a yellow cake and made chocolate butter cream frosting for it. Once the cake was done, frosted, and in it’s tupperware home, we showered and headed out to Lone Star for lunch. Our meal there was terrific, and we celebrated by going to our favorite furniture store to look at entertainment centers for the new television. We found one we both liked almost immediately, and a beautiful multi-colored area rug that has the sand/gold color we want to use for the walls in the living room. Now we just need to pick out some paint and paint the room and it’ll be much better.

After making the purchase arrangements we came home and collapsed in front of “West Wing” reruns. Later we made meatless-pasta from a jar and had magnificent cake for dessert.

All in all it was a great weekend.


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