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Today I finally saw the third and final installment of The Matrix movies. I had studiously avoided reading any critiques beforehand so I could measure its merits for myself. Still, I was aware that there were a significant number of people (based on weblogs I read) that were disappointed in the finale.

One of the catch phrases from the trailers was, “everything that has a beginning has an end.” Only this end wasn’t really an end, was it? The machines are still in control of most of humanity, we don’t know if Neo is alive or dead, and the representations of good and evil, the Oracle and the Architect, have reached an impasse, or perhaps Mexican standoff.

Like many people I was utterly wowed by the original movie. Not just the special effects but the whole story line and philosophy. And I agree that the noir look added greatly to the film. Like all bridge movies (and all trilogies have them by definition) Reloaded left me hungry for more. Revolutions delivered a good action movie, with an hour or more of “The Battle for Zion”, but it didn’t tie up very well the story lines of the Merovingian, the Architect, or the Oracle.

One comment I read likened this movie to a world-wide ctrl-alt-delete. I feel this is an apt analogy. But it leaves me wondering, what happens in the Matrix: Rebooted?

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