Benefits of Being Prepared

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After getting home this evening I had long talk with Michele about the rate situation. It felt good to rant and rave and let all my emotions run free. After a good venting I was able to see my situation more clearly. Along the way, Michele made several excellent points that helped bring me back into balance.

She pointed out that we had suspected this rate cut was coming months ago. Towards that end we reorganized our finances and prepared ourselves to live on less monthly income. Sure this rate cut smarts, but it isn’t the end of the world.

Michele also reminded me that although this feels personal in the moment it really isn’t about me. No one sat down and decided to make my life miserable. If I pursue that feeling I’ll only end up hurting myself.

The change in my rate status doesn’t mean that any change needs to occur in my life. Running around screaming the sky is falling isn’t going to solve anything, and it may end up hurting me. Sitting back and letting this situation, and my emotions, find equilibrium is a much better way to take care of me.

So maybe the boats and helicopters from earlier aren’t meant to take me away from this situation, but rather to rescue me from making a mountain out of a molehill.

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