Still The Best Game In Town

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I continue to come down from my peak of anger and upset at yesterday’s news about my rate reduction. It is amazing what a good long talk with a trusted and safe partner, followed by a sound night’s sleep, can do for a guy.

In the clear light of a new day I realize that this is still the best game in town. I make a substantial amount of money, doing work that I by and large enjoy if not love. I have tremendous freedom within the job itself, flextime and independence to set my own priorities and tasks. There are few other engagements that would allow me so much freedom.

Further I realize that I would be extremely lucky to find a job with similar compensation levels anywhere else in the country. Sure, with the added value of paid benefits, and paid time off, I could afford to work for less and still maintain the same standard of living I have now. But I would likely give up some measure of freedom to achieve such a position.

My employment situation has evolved several times over the course of 20 years, and that evolution is continuing with this latest wrinkle. My prime goal for working independently was to free myself from the arbitrary constraints so often placed on salaried employees. I have accomplished that goal, and staying here allows me to keep that perk.

Like all of life’s situations, this one will come to an end eventually. My job now is to take some time to discover what needs I have, and to express those needs in terms that will help me define the parameters that will make my next work experience satisfying for me.

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