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JJ sent me an instant message today letting me know that some of my tags were showing. One of the dangers of copy-paste coding had reared its ugly head. I had an extra “/>” embedded in the individual archive template. And I also had some residue from a previous-next navigation scheme that I had only partially removed.

After getting these gaffs cleaned up I took the time to modularize the primary pages of the site. The header, left and right side, and footer sections of the page are now coded once and reused.

I also correct a CSS problem that was preventing the left side border from displaying properly when the content was anything other than standard “paragraph” text. By moving the border definition to a new CSS element I was able to strip it from all the normal HTML tags. Now they work regardless of where they are used.

I’ve added a category summary page that lists all posting categories, and a count of entries for each. On my to-do list is creation of a page that will list the entry titles (as a hypertext link) for each category. Maybe over the weekend.

For the most part I think design is complete. I may tweak the fonts here or there over time, but on the whole I am very pleased with site now. I have tested it in

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