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It would seem that I’ve come down with a mild cold. Two weekends ago we visited my brother and his family for the day. His youngest, Alyx, spent a large portion of the afternoon asleep on me. Later that evening her mom, Lisa, wondered out loud if maybe Alyx was coming down with something.

Michele did come down with a cold starting the next day, Sunday. Her cold was mostly in her head and involved sinus pressure and post nasal drip. We were careful with glasses, toothbrushes and kissing for a few days, until she was past the worst of it. Just when I though I would miss this cold, I started feeling achy yesterday.

I managed to get to work this morning, but the longer I stayed the worse I felt. Finally, about 1:30 I threw in the towel and came home. I slept for about 2 hours and feel a little better now. Hopefully some TLC from my sweetie and a good night’s rest will have me feeling better tomorrow.

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