I've been Banned from /.

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This is new. I’ve been banned from Slashdot. I’ve been using NetNewsWire Lite for sometime now, and one of the feeds is Slashdot.

Today is the first day I’ve been back online after a 5-day vacation. When I first opened NNWL there were headlines from Slashdot there. Later I returned to see if there were any new postings, and there were new headlines. Four to be exact, repeated over and over.

“Your Headline Reader Has Been Banned” “You May Only Load Headlines Every 30 Minutes” “In 72 Hours Your Ban Will Be Lifted” “Do Not Bother Contacting Us For 72 Hours”

The default setting for downloading headlines in NNWL is 30 minutes. I haven’t changed this setting. Now I did re-boot once this morning, and I may have hit the refresh all button sooner than 30 minutes since the last download, but banning me for 72 hours seems rather extreme.

The messages all contain the same text, and a link to the /. FAQ. Looks like I have no recourse except to wait the 72 hours and then see if I can access the RSS.

Maybe next I can get myself banned from Amazon for accessing my Gold Box to often.

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