SpamSieve: Coming Soon To A Mail Box Near Me

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Beginning in 2002 I decided to keep track of my income messages. In that first year I received 37,122 total messages. Since I was active in a couple of high-volume mailing lists, I received 11,553 good e-mails, leaving 25,569 spams.

25,569/11,553 equals a 2.213:1 bad:good ratio.

So far this year I have received 73,737 spams. I am no longer active in a mail list the number of good e-mails I get has dropped considerably. To date this year I have only gotten 904 good e-mails.

73,737 / 904 equals 81.567:1 bad:good ratio.

Eighty-one and a half spam for each and every message I want to read.

It’s time for something different. I’m tired of manually sifting through the increasing deluge of crap in my spam folder for the rare message I want.

SpamSieve has caught my eye before, but until now it didn’t support POP mailboxes. The latest version does support POP. However, only for Panther, Mac OS X 10.3.x.

I can’t wait to upgrade.

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