December 29, 2003

Last evening we decided to have Mexican take out. There is a wide lane between the restaurant entrance and the parking lot proper, so I pulled up to the curb by the door and ran in to get our food. As it was ready I was only inside for 4 or 5 minutes. During that time Michele waited in the car.

While she was there an older Toyota pulled up past our car and the punk-ass in the passenger seat shot a paint ball at our car. Michele said that she saw him lean out the window and heard the “plop” as the ball hit our car. The fuckers sped off in their car immediately, so quickly that she wasn’t able to get a plate number.

It had been raining, and since I was back to the car within in a minute of the incident, the paint was still quite wet. Using some paper towels from the trunk I was able to wipe off all the paint. It appears that our car wasn’t damaged but it still frosts me that some asshole got a new “toy” for Christmas and immediately started vandalizing other people’s property.

My hope is that they paintball someone else. Someone with no impulse control and problems with expressing their aggression in socially acceptable ways. Someone who with scare the shit out of them while beating the same out of them.

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Mark H. Nichols

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