2003, The Year in Spam

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My December spam totals are in, 7,889 for the month. This brings my 2003 total to 79,287.

For the year I averaged 217.2247 spams a day. And 6607.25 per month. Basically I get one piece of spam every 6 minutes.

I’m afraid that my accounting of good e-mail wasn’t as accurate as I wanted. My best estimate is that I got about 1,437 good e-mails. (This includes 500 odd mail list entries in the past month alone.)

79,287 / 1,437 equals 55.17537:1 bad:good ratio.

Plans to acquire Panther (Mac OS X 10.3.x) have been delayed, but upon that occasion I will be installing SpamSieve to better manage this glut of trash.

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