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For the past several years I have been enjoying reading books electronically. With the gift of a palm m515 handheld computer from my wife a couple of years ago I discovered that it was, among other things, an excellent platform for reading books.

Combined with the free book reader from Peanut Press and the diverse collection of titles offered there as well, I have amassed a large collection of books. At last count 476 titles from 87 authors; all in less than 188 MB of disk space.

Over time I have noticed that more and more books are presented in this format, and more publishers are making good use of the “e” part of the format. In-line images, chapter and footnote links, and cover art are now common place. While I am aware that reading books via the limited screen of a handheld computer is not for everyone, I for one am sold.

If you have a palm, or other handheld computer, and you enjoy reading, I strongly urge you to explore the growing world of electronic books online.

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