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I’ve switched the navigation elements for my site from a vertical list, positioned on the right side of the page to a horizontal navigation bar. I used the List-a-matic web site to find a look and feel I liked, finally settling on Seth’s horizontal list.

I also added a “fieldset” tag around each blog entry, which gives me access to the “legend” tag for the entry titles. I know that I should really use CSS for the all-around border, and still more CSS for the title box, with a negative top margin to position it, but for today fieldset and legend will work.

I have looked it the new pages with all the browsers I have access to at home (Safari 1.0, Mozilla Firebird, Camino 0.7, and Microsoft IE 5.2), and via all the user agents Safari can spoof (Mozilla 1.1, Netscape 7, 6.2.2, 4.7.9, Windows IE 6.0, and Knoqueror 3). Except for some very slight rendering differences every thing looks good and more importantly works.

If you have any problems please contact me via the contact link on my colophon page.

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