An "A+" in Customer Service

January 14, 2004

Yesterday I upgraded my Powerbook to Panther (10.3.2) in a relatively painless 2 hour process. After the process was completed I was having trouble with my copy of CodeTek’s Virtual Desktop application.

I was using a 2.x version and knew that there was a 3.0 beta out. I went to their site and got the 3.0 beta and installed it. This morning I restarted my machine and went to my applications folder and started “CodeTek VirtualDesktop.” My finder crashed and I was forced to restart once again.

Back at my desktop I fired off an e-mail to the president of the company, Bill Goldstein, explaining my troubles. Mind you it was just before 7 am Central time. After sending the e-mail I tried installing the beta a second time. Before I could log out to put the install in to place I got a reply from Mr. Goldstein.

He expressed concern that the beta was performing in the manner I described. He said he was passing my issue on to the company’s CTO. Wow. This time I sorted the application folder by name instead of kind and discovered an icon for “CodeTek VitrualDesktop Pro”. Oops. I had accidentally run the old version after the first install.

I quickly replied to Mr. Goldstein and explained my gaffe. He replied, saying he was glad I had solved the problem, and if I had any more trouble I shouldn’t hesitate to contact them again.

The “Pro” version works extremely well, and I will be happy to pay for the upgrade when it goes live.

In this day and age when companies are hiding behind impersonal feedback forms and obscuring their contact information on web sites, it is a treat to interact with a company that shares the president’s e-mail address. And moreover, a company president who responds to customers immediately and with real concern.

CodeTek. Good stuff. Go get some.

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