Gay Marriage Poll Gets Annulled

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The online poll I talked about a while back has succeeded admirably. At least from my humanist stance. Voting was running 2 to 1 in favor of gay marriage or civil union when the organizers pulled the plug. Wired has the story.

Years ago, when the anti-smoking crusaders were cleaning out office buildings and restaurants, I remember saying that while I liked the idea of clean air to breathe I wasn’t sure I like the idea of laws against personal choice. My belief is that zealotry needs a target, and while today’s target may please you, you could very well end up being tomorrow’s victim.

Smoking is on the run and it appears that sexual orientation is next. All of which leads me to ask, how is the dogmatic approach to social issues and structure in this country by the Christian Fundamentalists any better or different than the dogmatic approach to society held by Islamic Fundamentalists in the Middle East?

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