Bush Doesn't Care About Us

February 06, 2004

Presidential Appointee George W. Bush announced his budget recently. Here’s what the Chicago Sun Times had to say about it, in part:

The president's budget reveals his priorities, what he truly cares about. It is not a reassuring picture.

The president’s first priority remains tax cuts, largely for the wealthy. Millionaires are pocketing $30,000 a year in tax breaks from this president. The president wants, first and foremost, to make his tax cuts permanent – no matter what that means for the deficit, for investments in our future, for already obscene extremes of inequality in what once was a middle-class nation.

Tax cuts for the wealthy come first – before jobs, before schools, before health care, before poverty, before the war on Iraq, before dealing with the deficits. Bush proposed these tax cuts when the economy was soaring and the budget was in surplus. He demanded them when the economy tanked and the budget went into deficit. He insisted on them even as he led the nation into wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. And now, with record deficits, a jobless recovery, costly and endless occupations, he wants only to make them permanent.

“With schools inundated with record numbers of students, Bush won’t even keep his own promise to fund his education reforms. With university tuitions soaring and community colleges getting cut, he abandons his campaign pledge to increase Pell grants. His much-advertised community college budget doesn’t even make up for what has been lost.

Bush devotes less than 3 percent of his budget for education. Educating the next generation is less important to the president than providing for the inheritances of the next generation of wealthiest Americans.

We do not need another 4 years of “compassionate conservatism” in the White House or in America.

Register to vote if you haven’t already. Participate in your State’s primary or caucus. And, unless you are one of those people pocketing the benefits of Bush’s tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy, vote for regime change right here in America next November 2nd.

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