865, 14, 5000

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Yesterday was a day of numbers.

865 - Michele and I drove 865 miles yesterday to Chapel Hill North Carolina so that she might attend an interview here today. Our aging road atlas misled us in to thinking the route we chose was more like 800 miles. The alternate route mapped out to 915 by the old atlas. We’ve got a new atlas now, and I will be recalculating the distance before we set off on the return trip Saturday.

14 - It took us 14 hours in the car to drive the 865 miles here. Needless to say we were quite exhausted when we finally arrived. Surprisingly enough there weren’t too many patches of construction to slow us down. The worst happened just 60 miles from the end, and at night fall. Naturally. Even in a Lexus, 14 hours is a painfully long haul.

5000 - At some point during the day the visible hit counter for this site rolled over 5000. That’s 5000+ visits to the zanshin.net home page since September 2001. I’ve had this domain since early 1996 and no longer have any idea how many total visitors I’ve had over the years. I’d be willing to bet that in the years prior to this counter I had a total of 5000 other visits. That would give me a nice round 10,000.

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